Common Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Although the earliest signs of pregnancy vary among women, some of the more common symptoms include: Missed or late period Tender breasts Nausea (with or without vomiting) Fatigue or unusual tiredness Spotting Cramps Bloating Constipation Appetite change Thirstiness Food or odor aversions Frequent urination Heartburn Indigestion Minor aches, pains or discomforts Headaches Bleeding gums when […]

Free Online Pregnancy Test & Quiz – Am I Pregnant? | 10 Common Signs

You can conduct a preliminary, at-home pregnancy test online to determine if you might be pregnant. Use our free, online quiz to determine if you should take a pregnancy test. Is your period late, or have you missed it altogether? Experiencing spotting or cramping? Are your breasts tender? Are you experiencing fatigue or unusual tiredness? […]

What Causes a False Positive or Negative Pregnancy Test?

Are you doubting the accuracy of your pregnancy test results? Home pregnancy tests are convenient and can quickly be administered, but there are a few variances that could give you an incorrect result. A false positive pregnancy test means the test says you are pregnant, but you are NOT. [1] A false negative pregnancy test means the test says […]