Girl, You’re Not Crazy

I hope you know you’re not crazy,

When the days have been easy, but you still feel lazy.

Even though you have a lot of reasons to be glad,

Feeling so overwhelmed can make you sad.

If people only new how much effort it took,

To make it to work on time, get dressed, or give your appearance a second look,

When one feels depression, anxiety, or something close to the same,

It is not hard to forget who you are, even your name.

I hope you know you’re not crazy, and that hope is to come,

If you recognize your need for help, then all you must do is find you some.

So, take a deep breath and give yourself grace,

And remember the journey to healing is not a race.

Your wellness is important and so are you,

I see your worth, and it is time you do too.

Please contact us at 540-362-4357 if interested and we will get you connected to a licensed counselor.

You are not alone. Healing is here.



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Over 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned, leaving many women feeling alone and uncertain of her future. By providing a safe environment to be heard and supported, Blue Ridge Women’s Center equips women to make an informed decision for her and her family.

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