Signs of a Destructive Relationship

Because of them, you have had to wear long sleeves in the middle of summer to cover up bruises.

But at least you have someone to come home to.

Because of them, you eat less to be the size and shape they desire, although your body is telling you it needs more.

But at least someone in this world is choosing you.

Because of them, you no longer spend the same amount of time with your family.

But at least you have someone who wants you all to themselves.

BUT enough is enough.

They are not worth your safety. They are not worth your self-image. They are not worth being isolated for.

You deserve love. You deserve freedom. You deserve trust. You deserve a healthy relationship, simply because you are a uniquely created individual, who is worthy of all good things.

Ask Yourself, Do they:

  • Intimidate or scare you through any means, including insinuations, threats, glares, driving too fast, etc.?
  • Expect you to “just get over it” when they do something hurtful or disrespectful?
  • Make any kind of excuses for devaluing behavior: “You made me mad”, “You keep pushing my buttons”.
  • Regularly lie or have patterns of deceit.
  • Seek revenge or payback when you disagree with them or do not do what they want.
  • Live by different rules than what they expect from you- it is ok if they do it, but if you do it, they get mad.
  • Blame you, even when he is clearly at fault (“I called you names because you wouldn’t listen to me.”)

If any of the above are relatable to your relationship, it may be time to pack your bags, realize you are worth so much more, and fly with full freedom and reassurance into a more beautiful future.

Help is available.

Seek guidance. Seek counseling. Seek healthy relationships.




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