Do you own your story?

“If you own your story, you get to write the ending.”

She has got it all. She is the mom who is never late to soccer practice. Her children make straight A’s, and her husband has one of the highest paying jobs in town. You drive by her home on the way to work. It looks like it belongs in a Better Home and Gardens magazine. She is always smiling.

But I hope you know.

I hope you know she has “stuff” too. Her house may look perfect on the inside, but what you aren’t seeing is the pile on dirty laundry that is overflowing out of her hamper and into the floor.

You do not see the nights she has cried because she misses her mom who passed away 3 years ago.

You can not see that the reason she is never late is because her previous marriage was one filled with control and anger if she were not on time.

There is so much you do not see.

She has her stuff too. But she is choosing to push past it.

 She walks with a smile because she has known what it is to live in fear, and every morning she wakes up grateful for her newfound freedom.

Her children make perfect grades because she pours hours of time into helping teach them outside of school and has instilled the importance in them of getting rest and taking care of themselves.

Her home is beautiful on the outside because she feels most alive when she is breathing fresh air and tidying things up.

There is so much you do not see.

She attends counseling every two weeks.

She invests in Bible study at her church and works diligently to deepen her relationship with the Lord.

She devotes time to researching and reading tips on how to be physically, mentally, and financially healthy.

She put in the time to work past her past. She now owns her story. She is now writing her beautiful life story herself.

The pen is in her hand. Can you say the same?



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