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In Person Classes

You're Already Amazing

Join this Christian book study to learn more about what God says about you. This self-paced study will help you embrace who you are and become all God created you to be.

Hope After Abortion

If you have unresolved feelings about your abortion experience, you don’t have to struggle alone. Our experienced abortion recovery consultants can help you work through your feelings and find healing, either individually or with a small group of other women who are walking through the same season. This is an eight-week class, and everything shared will be 100% confidential.

Embracing Hope

Some pregnancies carry grief with them. If you’ve experienced a miscarriage, a fatal pregnancy diagnosis, premature birth, a special medical concern for the baby you’re carrying, a stillbirth, or early infant death, we want you to know you’re not alone in your struggle. Walking the road of grief can be painful, but hope can be embraced.

Jobs For Life

In Jobs for Life, you’ll learn how to create a resume and career plan – for life. Learn how to find and keep a job, build confidence, make friends, and learn about God’s plan for your life. 

Online Classes

When signing up for online classes, please only choose 3 classes at one time. After completing those 3 classes, you can request an additional 3.

Bright Course Self-Paced Classes


Creating Motivation
Creating Honesty
Creating Courage
Creating Kindness
Creating Confidence
Strong Willed Children
Child Anger
Sexual Behavior and Children
Monday: Wake Up to Reality
Tuesday: Caution: Children Growing Up Here
Wednesday: staying Connected
Thursday: Check Your Attitude
Friday: The Amazing Race
Funday: Leman Secrets For Enjoying
Single Parenting & Deployment
Family Unity: Deployment Return
The 10 Best Gifts to Give Your Kids
How to Listen/Talk to Kids
Discipline Isn’t Spelled PUNISHMENT
Improve Your Child’s Self-Confidence
Caution: Anger Ahead
Birth Order
Standing Up to Technology


There is Hope!
Stable Parent, Stable Home
Co-parent Communication
Meetings & Handling the Handoff
6 Risks for Children after Divorce
Holidays, Special Occasions & School
Critical Issues
Abuse, Addiction & Abandonment
Dating & ReMarriage
Beyond Child Support

Life Skills

Taking Care of Hygiene
Screen Time and You
Depression and Suicide
Home Health (housecleaning)
Anger Management
Fighting the Impulse to Spend
The Monster of Debt
Credit Cards, Friend or Foe
Financial Emergencies
Budgeting 101
Credit Scores
Buying a Car
Career or Job?
Staying out of Debt
Your Financial Future
Helping Children Process Change
Family Stability Inside Change
Getting Established
What is a Family
Successful Family Living
Preparing for a Job-Hard Truth
Finding a Job
Preparing for the Interview
At the Interview
Success at Work

Special Circumstances

Healing from Abuse
Post Abortion Healing
Relationship Loss
Domestic Violence
Pregnancy Loss
Child Abuse and Neglect
Sex and You
Sex: The Heart of the Matter
STD/STI Avoidance
Choosing Marriage
Making the Commitment to Wait

Love Lessons

Sex is Awesome
Pregnancy is Not a Disease
Your Heart
Protect Yourself

Positive Partnerships

Healthy Boundaries (Women/Men)
Cohabitation (Women/Men)
Marriage Choice (Women/Men)
Staying Married (Women/Men)
Single Parenting (Women/Men)

Fatherhood Lessons

Being a Father: The Two Questions
Being a Father: Real Time
Being a Father: Being a Role Model
Being a Father: Being a Leader
Being a Father: Being Consistent
Practical Fatherhood: Respect for Mothers
Practical Fatherhood: Discipline Foundation
Practical Fatherhood: Discipline Guidelines
Practical Fatherhood: Situational Discipline
Being a Father: Loving Discipline
Being a Father: Practical Discipline
Being a Father: Co-Parenting
Being a Father: Blended Families
Being a Father: The Challenge

Goodwill Learning Academy

Make sure to bring your proof of classes taken when you come to your shopping appointment.

Assertive Communication Skills for Women
Basic Computer Skills
Being Positive
Championing Diversity
Cloth Face Coverings
Conduct and Online Job Search
Conflict to Collaboration
Creating a Powerful Resume
Customer Service 101
Dealing with Workplace Politics
Developing Emotional Intelligence
Email Essentials
Employ Excellence
Ethical Decision Making
Excel 101: Let’s Make a Spreadsheet
Excel 102: Formatting and Formulas
Excel 103: Tables, Grafts, and Charts
Excel Lab
GFC Learn Free
Goodwill Volunteer Orientation
Infectious Disease Control
Interpersonal Communication Skills

Introduction to Customer Service
Introduction to Retail Fundamentals
Introduction to Time Management
Mental Health in the Workplace
Nail the Interview; Get the Job
NorthStar Digital Literacy Assessment
Power Point 101
Preventing Harassment
Professional Communication
Removing Gloves Guidance
Setting up a Google Account
Skills to Succeed
Smart Phone Basics
Surviving an Active Shooter
The First 90 Days
The Platinum Rule
Time Management & Prioritization
Write the Right Way Part I: Spelling and Grammar
Write the Right Way Part II: Sentence Structure
Write the Right Way Part III: Putting It All Together
Writing Robust Emails

To register for a class, please call Blue Ridge Women’s Center at 540-362-4357 ext. 1